Pedicure Services for the Feet of Sienna

Here in Sienna everyone is used to being run off their feet on a daily basis. Whether you’re a student, parent or part of the thriving work force, you know what it’s like to get into bed at the end of the day and feel almost like your feet are sighing with relief. Here at The Rak Room Kutz & Styles we don’t want that feeling to be reserved only for those moments before you fall asleep. We want your feet to be happy all day! You won’t believe what a difference that makes.

Pedicures? That Seems Luxurious

For most people, a pedicure is considered an unnecessary expense; something reserved for people who never plan to do much beyond relax. But that is not the case! Since the year 2000, the perspective on who gets pedicures and why, has been evolving - and we’re pleased to inform you that foot care is just as important as anything else you might do for yourself, if not more! The Rak Room Kutz & Styles pedicures are not just a toenail treatment. With the use of exfoliation, moisturizing and massage techniques, you’ll be hooked.

Regular Foot Care Treatment

For our pedicure treatment, we start you off with a foot soak, then scrub your feet with a pumice stone to get rid of dead skin cells. After this, our skilled technicians clip and shape your nails. To finish it off, you’ll get a moisturizing treatment and the polish color of your choice!

Athletic Pedicure

The Athletic Pedicure is aimed at either gender. Don’t feel shy men, your feet don’t have to suffer either! At The Rak Room Kutz & Styles we understand that the concept of a pedicure could be new to you. The Athletic Pedicure offers pumice and massage, with clear polish or buffing. Aromatics can be minimal or neutral, such as cucumber or eucalyptus. Our technicians will walk you through all the possible options so you can pick and choose what type of foot care treatments work best for your needs. There are many benefits to pedicures that you can only truly appreciate after you try them.

Your Comfort is Only 45-60 Minutes Away

Each treatment takes between 45-60 minutes and can be tailored to your specifications. Our highly trained estheticians will never abuse the feet of our Sienna clients by using a pumice stone too aggressively. We understand that breaking of the skin can allow bacteria or fungus to grow.

Treatments are made with sensitive feet in mind and will not cause irritation. All our instruments are sterilized.

We are always happy to answer questions and reassure you of any details ahead of time.

The cosmetic treatment of feet and toenails is not just an esthetic practice, but is medically beneficial and can help prevent nail disease and disorders.

You’re on your feet most of the day so why not treat yourself? You deserve it and your feet deserve it! The Rak Room Kutz & Styles is here to save the soles of Sienna.